• How to choose a coffee table?

    How to choose a coffee table?

    Now people's living standards have been greatly improved. We will choose coffee tables during the decoration process. Tasting coffee is a kind of comfortable life enjoyment. Many consumers like to sit in the coffee shop, or buy a coffee table to go home.
  • What Are the New Furniture Pollution Sources?

    What Are the New Furniture Pollution Sources?

    Furniture pollution has raised considerable concern all the time. With the improvement of our living quality standards, an increasing number of people are paying much more attention to such problems. To decrease the detriment of furniture pollution, we need to know what the pollution sources are.
  • Bar Stools Selection Tips

    Bar Stools Selection Tips

    Bar stools, one type of seating, are initially used in pubs or bars when mentioned. Owing to their narrowness and height, bar stools are becoming widely used in restaurants, cafes as well as cosmetic stores etc. Nowadays more and more people prefer to placing such bar stools at home to add some modern air to its interior decoration.
  • Decoration Maintenance

    Decoration Maintenance

    It’s pleasant and happy for house owners to move in new houses after decoration finished. We could start our new life in the new house with new decoration and furniture, which could enhance our sense of happiness greatly. To maintain our houses in a new condition for a long time, it’s of great importance that we should learn something about the use and maintenance after decoration. The decoration maintenance is essential.
  • Why We Use Storage Benches?

    Why We Use Storage Benches?

    Storage bench, just as the name suggests, is one type of benches with storage function. Compared with other traditional normal benches, storage bench is a new-style furniture for domestic storage. Designed on the basis of traditional normal benches, the major difference between storage benches and normal benches is that storage benches are equipped with storage function.
  • Wrought Iron Furniture Maintenance

    Wrought Iron Furniture Maintenance

    Wrought iron furniture is commonly used in our daily life, such as iron bed, wood and metal tables, wood and metal hall tree and so forth. Wrought iron furniture is becoming popular due to its convenience. And it could be used much longer if maintained well.
  • 3 Secrets to Build An Ideal Kitchen

    3 Secrets to Build An Ideal Kitchen

    Kitchen is one of the most important components of a house. We cook and enjoy our food here. Owning a delicately designed and reasonably decorated kitchen could enhance our happiness greatly.
  • How to Build A Cozy Study at Home?

    How to Build A Cozy Study at Home?

    Study is necessary at home. It could not only be used for reading and studying, but also a place where we work from home and even relax ourselves. Thus, we should pay attention to the study decoration. How to build a cozy study at home? Here are some tips for your reference.
  • Home Bar Counters

    Home Bar Counters

    Imagine this: when we get back work after a tiresome day, we could sit around the bar counter at home, drinking and chatting with our family or friends . Isn’t is relaxing? The bar counters could be considered as our comfort zone at home even if we’re drinking alone. That’s why more and more people are installing such bar counters at home recently.
  • 6 Ways of Home Improvement

    6 Ways of Home Improvement

    Home is more than a shelter from the wind and rain. It’s a place where our families live together and share happiness, sorrows and intimacy. However, busy daily life might make us ignore sharing life with our families. Here are 6 ways of home improvement to enhance our family intimacy and happiness.
  • Office Chairs Maintenance

    Office Chairs Maintenance

    Office chairs, also called task chairs, could be considered as one of the most commonly used office furniture in our daily working. On the other hand, office chairs are also increasingly used for working
  • Daily Maintenance I – Wooden Furniture

    Daily Maintenance I – Wooden Furniture

    Knives could be considered one of the most essential kitchenware, without which we couldn’t handle with the ingredients for our food. Different food ingredients call for different knives. For example, knives for meat and for fruit might be different. Thus we might have several different knives in our kitchen. To keep our kitchen organized, those knives should be stored well. On the other hand, it might be dangerous if the knives aren’t stored in place.
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